Lowest Price: $129.19
Manufacturer Recommended Price: $149.99
Summary: The SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200) is an affordable way to equip your home with a fundamental security system that can monitored with any smartphone, but it doesn’t have some features.
• It is easy to install
• It is affordable
• It has responsive sensors
• It doesn’t have any phone or email notification
• It doesn’t support web browsers
• Third party devices can’t work with it
Skylink Technologies have been in the home automation business for over almost 25 years. The latest in their line of home security systems is the SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200). It is quite affordable so a lot of homeowners can secure their home without spending much. It is a fundamental kit that comes with a pair of door/window sensors and a motion sensor for $149.99. It is one of the most affordable home automation solutions. It is possible to add more components like switches, cameras, alarm sirens and dimmer switches. But these components must be Skylink products as the system does not work with third-party devices. The whole kit is easy for one to install and the smartphone app is easy to use. But it doesn’t have some useful; features like phone or email notifications or event triggering.
Smartphone App and Design
The SkylinkNet SK-200 kit comes with a motion sensor, an internet hub, a keychain remote and two door/window sensors. The keychain remote is 2.2-inch long and contains four buttons that can disarm the system, arm the system when you are at home, arm the system when you are away and sound the panic siren. The internet hub measures 4.0 by 4.0 by 1.2 inches and it has a keypad with five buttons for disarming and arming the system. It also has 2 LED indicators (Wireless and Power), a power jack and an Ethernet port.
The SkylinkNet SK-200 has a proprietary wireless protocol called M-code. This has a 600-foot range. The internet hub can support up to 100 sensors and it has a battery backup of four AAA batteries should power go out. Other add-on devices are outdoor and indoor wireless cameras, an outdoor siren, a water leak sensor and various wall switches and dimmers.
The system can be controlled using an Android or iOS app but it doesn’t support web browsers on the PC. The app has a simple interface with large icons for every device that is connected. The home page displays all devices along with their status. If a door sensor is activated, the icon for that sensor will be red and it will be displayed as a door that is open. If you click on the wheel in the device panel, it will open a settings page where the settings of the alarm can be changed. You could select between Disarm, Arm Home/Away and Arm Away Only. In Arm Away mode, all sensors are activated, in Disarm mode, all sensors are deactivated and in Arm Home mode, the system is active but all motion sensors are disabled.
In the settings menu, you can also enable a chime and set up push notifications whenever any sensor is triggered. Other features are event logging, global alarm settings like Exit Delay, Siren Duration Entry and a panic alarm that can be activated from the app. You won’t get any support for phone call and email alerts like you will for the iSmartAlarm. The SkylinkNet system doesn’t support IFTTT (If This Then That) event triggering.
Performance and installation
The SkylinkNet SK-200 is easy and quick to install. You will connect the internet hub to your router using the Ethernet cable, download the smartphone app and then create an account. When the app is launched, a setup screen will appear that will walk you through the naming and initialization process. This takes less than 5 minutes to do. If you want to add sensors, you will go to the System Setting screen, select Setup Wizard and then select Add Device. You will select the type of device from the menu, name it and select Learn Now. A video clip will then display all you have to do to enroll every device. For door/window sensors, you can activate the sensor by separating the two pieces. For motion sensors, remove the back cover and press the button. Press the Arm button to enroll the keychain. Each device will be enrolled immediately.
When tested, the alarm worked perfectly. The hub responded immediately the motion detector and door/window sensors were triggered. Notifications were sent to a smartphone immediately each event occurred. The 110 dB siren was very loud and could be heard clearly from across the street even when the windows and doors were closed. The remote keychain worked fine and event logging was perfect.
Final Notes
The SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200) is a great system for $150. With the system, you can monitor your home from your smartphone without any monthly subscription fee. The system is easy to install and the smartphone app is efficient. Using the app, you can easily view the event log, disarm and arm the system and see what is happening in your home with just one glance. The sensors of the system are responsive and the panic alarm is deafening. It would be nice if the system could be compatible with Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and ZigBee wireless devices. The system could also be made better with text and email notifications. If you have extra $200, you can go for the iSmartAlarm system which comes with more features like presence sensors, pan and tilt camera along with phone call and email notifications. You can also get the SmartThings Hub which costs $89.99 if you decide to go for the Smart Home Starter Kit. Although, the Smart Home Starter Kit is more of a home automation system that a security system.

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