CHILD CAR SAFETYIn this day and age there are more threats to your children than ever before. While the internet and the real world pose many threats, one of the most dangerous and often forgotten risks to child safety is actually your own car.
Parents often forget to secure their children while in a moving vehicle, but statistics show that the car is when your child is arguably at the most risk.
According to car seat laws (Motor laws) in California and 3 other states: New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania children who are now old enough to be using child safety seats but are still too young to use adult seat belts safely must make use of booster seats or any other devices that are appropriate.
In California, from 1 January 2017, any child that is under the age of two and weighs less than 40 pounds must be seated in a properly secure rear-facing car seat. The car seat laws in California specifically emphasize the need for a child to be properly secured by a lap belt that is low on the hips, touches the upper thighs and the belt should cross the center of the child’s chest.
Non-compliance and or violation of any of the regulations set out in car seat laws to protect children passenger safety is a punishable offense. The car seat is clearly very important to ensure the safety of your child whilst you drive.
How then you chose the right car seat that not only protects your child safety but is also in accordance with the child car seat laws? The following tips will help you make one of the most important decisions in the safeguarding of your children:
• Reading your car’s manual carefully before you go shopping for a car seat is a great start because you can eliminate all the car seat that cannot be installed into your car.
• The size of your car plays a huge role in your decision for a car seat as your car may not have enough space for certain car seats.
• Your child’s weight, height, size, and age should also be at the forefront of your decision as those can affect the safety of your child.
• We all love Ikea, but your child’s car seat and your child’s safety should be an exception to the Swedish instructions that you and your husband do not understand. Picture instructions do not make you any less of a parent.
• Your child’s car seat should not be so basic that your child figures out how to unfasten the clips and get out of the car seat.
• Cleanliness is also something to consider when getting a car seat, the car is not the only thing that can endanger your child’s safety in the car seat. Germs can affect your child easily too, a car seat that is easy to wash is an advisable choice.
Buying a car seat might seem like a cost at first, but the reality is that this investment will go a long way towards securing the future of your child in the long run. Do you really want to risk your child’s safety?

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